Welcome to my 3-Day for the Cure blog where I discuss my experience training, fundraising and walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I'll be walking in my third 3-Day, this year in San Diego with my teammate Julie, who I met back in 2009 on the walk. I love sharing stories, challenges, frustrations and successes here and really enjoy hearing back from all of you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Training Tuesday with a Tourism Twist

I've struggled for the past several weeks to manage my time effectively. I've complained to anyone that would listen that I did not have enough time to work full-time, continue to research and write my master's thesis, work out, clean my house (it desperately needs it), run errands and of course, train for the 3 Day. So this weekend, when my boyfriend's sister was in town, there was of course that part of me that thought "one more thing to do." Sigh.

But then, thanks to the boyfriend's brilliant idea, our weekend full of playing tour guide inspired some wonderful new training walks. After walking around much of San Diego on Saturday, we dropped off his sister at the airport on Sunday morning, parked our car down at Harbor Island, and walked from Harbor Island, past Lindbergh field, along the San Diego bay, past the Festival of Sail, Star of India and the Maritime Museum, past the Midway, through Seaport Village, weaved around the Gaslamp, through Little Italy and Banker's Hill, across the Laurel Street bridge, into Balboa Park, down Park Blvd and up into Golden Hill, finishing with the steep stretch of B. Street. All of this totaled just shy of 12 miles. It also reminded us of how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous city. A city that tourists flock to annually to enjoy any number of the sites that we walked past in one visit.

We topped off this great day of walking, by walking to the Padres game the following night, ending a great training weekend at the very site where the San Diego 3 Day concludes its 60 mile meander.

Here are some photos that we snapped along the way!


  1. What a great reminder of what a beautiful city we are in! I'm always trying to wonder where I can walk, and really. We can walk anywhere!

    Oh, and wasn't Festival of Sail cool? We had a great time there this weekend.

  2. It was very cool! And yes our city is gorgeous and almost always have the perfect weather for walking. I've found that it makes walking much more interesting to have a good friend and an interesting location. Rhea, if you have a zoo membership you should try doing a walk there. I use the zoo a lot for my training walks and although tourists wonder why I'm briskly walking through the zoo, I love the scenery! Happy training!

  3. Just read your blog. Great pictures, and what a good idea. See you this week-end